2016/17 Academic Year

Times TBC

Nets will be at Madras School, Kilrymont Road (link here) until October when we will get the University facilities back!

Just before the Easter break and then after (weather dependent) - training is held outside on C1 and C2

Q.  Do I need to bring anything specific?
A. Trainers are required for indoor training, but for outdoor training you can wear either trainers or cricket spikes.

Q. What about all of the cricket gear?
A. If you don't have any gear don't worry! We have plenty of bats, padding, helmets and cricket balls!

Q. How do nets (training sessions) work?
A. Nets are set up in the main hall at Madras. Players take it in turns to pad up and bat whilst the other members of the team bowl to them. The sessions are run by the 1st XI captain and the president, and they make sure as many people as possible get a chance to bat, and that everyone is involved.

Fielding sessions and technical drills are held occasionally during Semester 1, but are more frequent in Semester 2.

Q. Why are nets important?
A. Nets are important for lots of reasons. The most obvious is to keep everyone playing over the course of the year so that the performance can be high right from the start of the season. The second is to develop everyone throughout the offseason, especially relevant this year as the club is set to go on tour!!

It is also a great chance for the team captains to spot players for the three teams: make regular appearances and train hard and you are bound to catch one of the captains' eyes! Finally these sessions are a great for meeting like-minded cricketers and getting to know others in the club.

Q. How do we develop your game at training?
A. We usually use one of our bowling machines to work on specific parts of your batting, and we develop bowling with the help of our experienced players. We also occasionally have a coach come in and work with specific areas for any aspect of your game!

Q. Are there specific sessions for beginners/advanced?  
A. No, we have all of our players in training sessions together. This broad cross section helps our newer or less experienced members develop and grow as the old hands are always there to give a bit of advice.     

We look forward to seeing you at a nets session soon!